Recruitment Process

The NSW Police recruitment process involves a number of stages designed to determine an applicant’s suitability to meet the requirements of the role.

To view the NSW Police Application process please click here.

It is vital that applicants understand all stages of the NSW Police application process and confirm that they comply with the minimum entry requirements before submitting an application.

Successful completion of the NSW Police Examination through the ACER NSW Police Examination does not guarantee an applicant will become a Police Officer.

There are two options for candidates for the NSW Police Entrance Exam:

1)        Future NSW Police applicants – Candidates can undertake the NSW Police Entrance exam before applying to the NSW Police Force. This option gives candidates the opportunity to complete one of the mandatory NSW Police recruitment requirements and be prepared when they lodge an application with the NSW Police Force.  The NSW Police Force will accept entrance examination results for five (5) years after a candidate completes the tests. ACER will provide examination results and candidates should lodge the results along with their application to join the NSW Police Force. Candidates do not need to contact the NSW Police for this option.

2)        Current NSW Police applicants – Candidates must book and complete the NSW Police entrance exam before they are invited to undertake physical capacity testing and psychometric assessment. Candidates will be reminded by the Police Recruitment Branch of the need to book and complete the Police Entrance Exam to ensure their application for the NSW Police Force progresses.