Structure and Content

Candidates need to allow approximately two and a half (2 and 1/2) hours for the entire testing session. There will be no breaks during the exam administration.

The NSW Police Entrance Examination is made up of five (5) sections. Apart from the written components, all sections of the exam will be conducted online, using a computer. All candidates planning to sit the NSW Police Entrance Examination will be required to register and attend an Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) exam centre.  

To be selected for progression to the next stage of the NSW Police recruitment process, candidates must obtain a score at or above the pass marks listed in the table below.

Test Section Type of Assessment Number of Questions Time Allowed Pass Mark
Literacy Assessment Online Multiple Choice 30 questions 45 min Score of 111 or greater = Exit level 3 of the ACSF or higher*
Summary Writing Typed Notes 1 task 20 min 14/20
Extended Writing Typed Essay 1 task 45 min 14/20
Verbal Reasoning Online Multiple Choice 34 questions 15 min 15/34
Abstract Reasoning Online Multiple Choice 45 questions 20 min 32/45


* Note: The questions in the Literacy (Reading) assessment are mapped against the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF) – the Australian standards for adult literacy and numeracy. The results of the assessment are reported on a scale that goes from approximately 40 up to a maximum of about 170. A score of 111 or greater is considered a performance at Exit level 3 of the ACSF or higher and this is the required pass mark.