FAQ about Eligibility

Q    If I sit the exam and pass, will I get into the NSW Police?

A   Passing the exam forms part of your application to the NSW Police Force. You will need to have passed all components of the exam before being considered for the further application stages listed on the NSW Police Recruitment Website.

Q    I have applied for citizenship but have not received it yet, can I still sit the exam?

A   Spaces in the exam are limited so candidates who are not yet eligible to apply to join the Police Force should not register for an exam until they meet the eligibility criteria outlined on the NSW Police Website. Questions about eligibility should be directed to the NSW Police Recruitment team. Ph. 1800 222 122. 

Q   I have sat and passed a police entry exam in another state. Can I apply to the NSW Police using my other results?

A   The NSW Police Force will only accept completed results from candidates who complete the NSW Police Force entrance examination.  Whilst ACER provides a range of assessments and tests for other organisations, the NSW Police Force will not accept other organisations results.