FAQ about Exam

Q How will I know the exact location of the exam centre?
A Registered candidates will select their preferred exam centre upon registration and receive an Admission Ticket approximately 1 week prior to the exam. The ticket will show the exact exam centre location and the reporting time.

Q How long is the exam?
A The NSW Police exam consists of 2.5 hours of exam time, plus instruction time. However, you will need to allow up to 3.5 hours at the exam centre for the completion of all testing procedures. This time may be shorter at regional exam centres with smaller candidate numbers.

Q Can I attend the exam without a printed ticket?

A Candidates who arrive at an exam centre without a printed copy of their ticket will not be allowed to sit the exam. No discussion will be entered into by exam supervisors as they do not hold the authority to allow you to sit the exam. If you have not received your emailed ticket or have difficulty printing it, you must contact ACER in the days before the exam. ACER staff can be called on 1800 794 911 during business hours from Monday - Friday or contacted via email nswpolice@acer.edu.au