ACER will advise candidates by email when exam results can be accessed. 

Candidates will then be able to log in to their Candidate Registration Portal to view their results online. 

Application ID number: XXXXXX
Password:                    XXXXXX

Results will take approximately seven (7) business days (from the exam date) to process. To be selected to progress to the next stage of the NSW Police recruitment process, candidates must obtain a score at or above the pass marks listed for each section in the table below:

You will receive a score for each of the five (5) exam components. These are raw scores; they are not scaled and are not percentage marks.

NSW Police Entrance Examination results are valid for a period of five (5) years from the date that you passed all components of the exam. 

Literacy Assessment Summary Writing Extended Writing Verbal Reasoning Abstract Reasoning

Score of 111 or greater

= Exit level 3 of the ACSF or higher*

     14/20     14/20     15/34      32/45

* Note: The questions in the Literacy (Reading) assessment are mapped against the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF) – the Australian standards for adult literacy and numeracy. The results of the assessment are reported on a scale that goes from approximately 40 up to a maximum of about 170. A score of 111 or greater is considered a performance at Exit level 3 of the ACSF or higher and this is the required pass mark.